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  1. Thanks for the quick response. I dropped by your blog while surfing and that I was quite happy to see someone exactly having the desires and activities just like me. I am a fellow hubber who started hubbing 2 years ago. But I really got the idea of SEO, keyword research and link building just now. so I started a new hubpages a/c and started writing hubs on some long tailed keywords.

    My adsense earnings have reached about 90$+ in 4 months. And a little more to go to reach the payout.since am a full time student, I decided to concentrate on hubpages instead of starting my own niche sites. Anyway, I have bought some 7 domains in the last 4 months. Only 2 of them have content. And now am planning to start blogging. I was waiting all these days to get a little success in the MMO field to start a blog of my own.

    So what I want to know is all about your strategy of hubpages, keyword selection, then your experience with hubpages, backlink building, etc. I will share mine too. Most important of all, am in a kind of starting trouble in niche sites of my own. And I happened to know from your blog that you are doing it quite nicely these months. So pls be kind to share your ideas with me and I will do the same.

    My skype id :
    My email address :

    pls provide yours too so that we would chat and know more in the coming days.

    BYE and thanks in advance

    • Hi Thoufeeq,
      I have around 100 hubs. which was added in last 1.5 years. What i feel is hub with lot of content is successful. Because hubs which i wrote 1000 word or more now getting good traffic. I just doing hubs to increase my side income. Because niche will not be easy to make money intially.
      Also, i never did any backlinking. From january onwards, i am doing lot of hubs every month and so, i will adding hubs to some bookmarking sites and few other like shetoldme, xomba etc. So, you can see my progress with in next few month.
      Hubpages is like doing investment online. When they are up possibly they will not get traffic for one week or two or possibly 6 month. But suddenly some hubs will start getting tons of traffic.

  2. thank you very much for the reply. That was quite useful. I wanted you to reply me personally through the email address provided. Anyway, no prob. And pls delete the above comment of mine which includes my skype id and email address. As U know, spam threats are a lot. Hope U would understand. Bye.


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