Online Income analysis year – year

This is 2011. My prediction of 2012. After that i will never look back.

My target of 2012 is to achieve $50,000. If you look deep into the graph. I should be making around $7-8k in 2012. But i will give my max in 2012 and i hope some of my sites will be significant money maker as age of those sites and content will be more. My capability will increase with experience.



5 thoughts on “Online Income analysis year – year

    • Thanks for comment. I guess making goals and achieving them is two different things. But setting high goals keeps you motivated and we will surely achieve some thing promising.

  1. Best of luck with that Rahul. Publicising the goal like this will also help to keep you on track and working towards the goal because it makes you ‘accountable’ for it.
    $50 in a year is a big target, but keep working on it. I’ve read some of your posts on here and you seem rather motivated, so I’ll be following your progress over the rest of this year and I will you well with it mate 🙂

    Good Luck!!


  2. Thanks for the post and sharing your personal goal.

    Having goals and targets are essential for progression, so it’s good to see what others are aiming for.

    Would be interested to know how you got on.



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