November Income Report and My plans

Well niche website is one of the most powerful way to earn money. They make far more money then any blog around on the web. I saw many of blogger getting 20k page views they make less then $100 from those sites. So, in adsense if we have good analysis capability and understanding. We will surely make decent income.

MY Novemeber Income:
Adsense: $250 +
Amazon: $20 + (I am getting first amazon check. So, i am happy. Nexy year i will be targeting tons of niche websites and stores)
PTC website:

Total Income: $270 or ( $375 + )

My Plans

I am concentrating on 5 websites this month and link building as much as possible. I hope i will rise my income to decent level of $500 + and later $1000+. I am actually having very firm base. Because i am having portfolio of website needing content and regular backlinks and once this all is done properly. No body can stop me from making decent income from home.


3 thoughts on “November Income Report and My plans

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  2. That right there is a solid foundation, as you said. We are close to the same level of income, and I believe that pushes us past 95% of most internet marketers. Good work, I think you are right to laser-focus on five sites only and get them earning, then move on to the next batch. Best of luck! I am enjoying your site. I’m glad I’ve found it.


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