What i am doing to increase my online income

Exactly i am not doing much to increase my online income. But from last few months. I did following things.

  • Bought BMD, Sick submitter, AMR, RSS bot and market samurai etc
  • Tested Senuke X, Ignitor seo, Rank tracker and Cute rank software. Also i wanted to test larger number of other softwares but i have limited resources as if now.
  • I need to test UAV few other services.
  • Found few other keywords with lesser competition.
  • Added 9 more tough keywords blogspots in inventory.

Area where i am lacking:

  • Article marketing, adding more content to my sites.
  • Making more websites.

Future of My websites:

In future i like to target tougher keywords to earn money. because money is in more competition niches.