Authority sites vs Niche websites

I am far far behind from my 3k adsense online income goal from jan 2012. My websites are progressing in SERP. But i wanted to expand them. I am going to launch another 30 websites this month. Later i need to add tons well researched content which can rank on SERP easily.

It is really easy to make money online from 1-10 websites after 4-5 months of hard or smart work. Keywords should be 5k exact and cpc should be $2 min.

My Future

I will be concentrating on big websites called as Authority websites. Keywords should be 10k-50k exact globally. When we have 5-10 big websites which are easily getting big traffic. We can earn money passively.

My blogspot is crossed 600 visitors per day in last few days. I hope this will get 1k-5k traffic per day in coming months. Total exact searches per month should be 150k from india.