30 Out Of 39 Website is ranking on top 3 pages.

I have almost all the domain name is ranking in page 1,2, 3. some in page 4-5 too.

My Niche sites with exact match domains is ranking fine.

My authority site project which should have 40-50 post is started to rank in serp. No google analytic is installed. because it just wanted to wait and add 5 more post this month. Plus some of my blogspot, 4-5 info domains, Which i bought last year is also ranking for those keywords in front page.

As far results is concerned. I am not earning any big money. Website should rank on the top of results for particular keywords or those site should have lot of long tail keywords. means not crap niche website. High quality 1k word post will cover many long tails. which actually make money. I think all these website should have 10 post each and than after two months these websites will pull some dollars every day, only if niche is less competitive. If it is competitive than make tons of backlinks to see results in long term.

Overall making money online looks really tough. If you want to see quick result. you should invest tons of money in right direction and tools or wait years. Because i have limited resources.

I desperately wanted to buy another 30 domains which i researched last week. Those domains are real gems. I am very sure these websites will be ranking within 15 days in top 20 results and make money for sure.

I am ready for free advice. If you are willing to expand in niche websites. Or you can hire me.


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