12 Websites is ranking in page 1

My total 12 websites is on page 1. Yes, these websites is number 1 pages for Google.com. But not in other location based google. Also, i am doing keyword research from what i have learned from all this process. I found 10 good niche and domain names. We can rank them for primary keyword easily.

My blogspot blog analysis

My blogspot blog which got 16k pages views last month. It ranked for some keywords after one year. So, i making some money daily. So, i did analysis for this blog yesterday.

It is ranking for 2nd page for two primary keywords.

Keyword 1: have 49 exact searches from India. CPC is 25cents.

Keyword2: have 18k exact searches from india cpc is 20 cents.

I should try to rank my blog for them. because this blog can make me. $100 per month from $4 per month. Still this niche have tons of long tail keywords.


2 thoughts on “12 Websites is ranking in page 1

    • Thanks for your comment. It is quite early. Yes some of my websites is ranking quite easily. I am trying to figure out exactly. So, that i can do keyword research exactly same. I also found 15 niche domains to be registered. I think in long term i will stick to successful websites and drop others.


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