4 days Record – My 3 niche websites is number 1

Well today, I found the secret of getting websites within one week or less than 3 days. Without backlinks and promotion. it is just keywords research and finding low competition keywords. Yes my 3 websites is ranking on number on Google in 3 days of age. Out of 8 website which is in page 1 and 2. nearly 6 of them in page 1 and 2 is on page two. And one websites lost from SERP. This shows either Google don’t like 4 keywords in domain or they simply will disappear from SERP like info domains.

Current stats of my websites:

Total website: 31 websites live out of 64. 3 niche websites is number 1 and 6 of them in top 2 pages. One websites with 2.5k is on page two. Well in future i will be buying domains like this only. Those who can rank easily.

I launched authority site project. In my view these websites will be ranking fairly easily. I tried different things here.

One domain has exact of 4.5k search results and only have 64k pages in the top of Google but i found info domain. So, i guess this should rank easily. but i don’t trucst info domains. if this website ranks on Google. Than in future i will some info domains.

Some website with 10-20 posts, can be ranked and we will be niche leaders in 3-4 months. So, faily low cpc but we can make profits from them.

Building SEO Services and Content Outsourcing Team

In future, We have plenty of content writers and seo team. So, we are launching our seo/content outsourcing business. Our rate is fairly cheap but content quality and link building (SBM/directory submission) is really good.

I wish i can 1k domains and other web properties in future.


3 thoughts on “4 days Record – My 3 niche websites is number 1

  1. —hey Rahul, Loving your blog by the way 🙂

    Excellent stuff Rahul. I periodically visit your site over the past 6 months or so. Your progress is excellent. Especially for your ranking of these sites so quickly.



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