Adding bigger Websites in Inventory

So, i have decided to enter bigger websites in my inventory. These websites are laser focused. General terms and no exact domains. I am adding 9 of these websites. In few days.

My stats

Total 49 websites.

  • 21 is live.
  • Skipping websites 22-40. As if now. Because these domains are of higher exact searches and They have 100k plus pages indexed and i guess it will take months to rank. Also, I have many .info domains and some hypen domains. So, i feel, i should move to my other websites.

Websites 41-49 stats

  • Website 41: exact searches 41 US. General searches: total 17 post ready: I guess total exact searches would be 5k and avg cpc would be $2.5-$3. One more thing. These general websites can get tons of long tail traffic.
  • Website 42: Keyword in domain have 6.6 exact searches. Also, other 12 post which should have 5k exact searches per month. and avg cpc should be $2.5.
  • Website 43: Keyword in domain have 3600 exact searches with cpc $0.38. Bad one. Also, exact searches don’t have 5k per month. But it took this niche because i feel i can rank on this niche and in the top. My website will be the leader for all the terms in this niche. Total niche have 18k searches per month.
  • Website 44: Keyword: $1.11 and exact 2.9k. Good one and easy from my point.
  • Website 45: $1.82 and 880 exact
  • Website 46: $ $1.11 and 170 exact. it have less competitive other post.
  • Website 47: $1.48 and 1.6 k.
  • Website 48: $4.50 and 3.6k. This should be easy.
  • Website 49: $2.30 and 880 searches..Looks difficult.

Also, i found few gems domain names in last two days. I really feels these will rank much easily and good one. I am just keeping them in my list.

My blogspot blog traffic is increased from 60 visitors per day. 300 visitors per day in last two month. This is two year old blog and i myself did 100s of social bookmaking and added content. It is just ranking for its two keywords. I have list 20 keywords for which it is ranking on second pages. I hope from next year. traffic would be 13,000 page views to 50,000 page views. and it will be making some decent coins.


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