Niche website 4-13, Ranking Analysis

I love this guys body randy orton. I was watching WWE of t.v. Looks like i wasted some time. but it is ok. I need to take big vacation. After i make 35-50 website and do decent promotion. Looks like i will be taking this vacation in coming months. very soon.

My niche website ranking analysis.

Website 1: 7 position , exact monthly searches 1k,

Website 2: 2 position, 500 exact,

Website 3: 6 position, 400 exact

Website 4: 11 position, 2400 exact,

Website 5: Don’t know where is this site. Jumping, very new. Page 4, 500

Website 6: 3 position, 1000 exact,

website 7: 9 position, 1000 exact,

Website 12: 19 position 250 exact very high cpc.

Website 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 is not yet indexed. They are exact searches is higher now.

So, this is my initial success. My main keyword domain is ranking in the top. So, my calculation for how to calculate profitability may correct. But yes, i am looking forward in terms of high ranking only. I want my each post to be ranked without much of link building. i will find least competition and high profitable keyword and very high quality websites. In long term all these websites will authority sites. I will selling many of micro sites. if they will not make me lot of money.

I need to launch 7 more niche websites in few days. Yes these websites have 2900 exact to 4600 exact visitors. cpc is $2-$6. So, if these websites also rank in top pages. Dude i will be shouting all over. Lets see. I just want some one more hosting in few months.

Well you can check my post. In which i calculated profitability of my 35 domains. I will add only in 15 best. from my calculations. Because i have extra 20 websites content is ready. I will add adsense on them.

I want more adsense account, more hostings, more domains, more content, more pc, more internet connections, more research, more seo, more time, more friends.




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