Niche Website 1-3 And My Old Niche Website earned me 20 cents WOW…

This gravity game, i finished this long back. I forwarded some of my friends. They loved it and busy in cracking this. And i found walkthrough for this game.

So, i enabled adsense for some of my domains. Which i think are getting some small traffic. And what i got first click. It was 20 cents. Cool. So, earning $100 per day can be possible. If you do proper keyword research. Also, i launched my first dedicated niche website for adsense. In which, 1 got indexed in Google and ranking in first page. So, i am just waiting for some time. because i know when i used to add new hubs. They rank very high and slowly vanishes from the top page.

So, i guess this may possible for this niche too. But yes this is exact match .net domain. And .COM is owned by big company which have 3.5k domains in inventory and they are ranking on page 16. And i am on page 1 and other url from same domain on page second.

Other two domains which i launched is not yet indexed. So, waiting for day or two. They exact .COM.

My Keyword analysis for 10 posts for these 35 websites. Yes i completed keyword analysis for 3 posts. And i am going to rank easily for many of those terms but i am trying to complete keyword analysis for many of long tail posts. Yesterday i left many keywords because they have cpc $.10. But my niche website which made me money 20 cents is have $0.05 cpc niche. So, I am going to add uniform content for low cpc too. Reason i think those ten cents keywords can earn $.5o per click. And if, i will add that content on my niche website. I can earn some decent income easily.

I am afraid Of

I afraid of ehow/wikihow and some authority sites which just ranks for all the keywords almost all of them. but yes i found some long tails which have less competition in terms of exact keyword phrase in articles. So, i think i can rank there.

Overall i have no options but too build website because i invested money. So, i have do it some how.


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