How to Calculate Profitability Of Your Niche Sites

I like this game. We can play this game on Chrome extension in HD. Really fun to play this game. It has more than 10 million Facebook likes.

I bought 107 Domains day before yesterday. Out which 54 are in the one big niche. And i am going to develop 20-25 niche sites in the same. Now i have list of 35 domains to be launched in near future. Content is ready. It need 5 – 10 pages of content max. Very narrow niche sites topics.

How to calculate profitability of niche sites

So, i have 35 niche sites exact match domain. I really think some of them will be very easy to rank. Because in this niche, i found 8 pages website is also ranking in top 10 for 11k exact searches and cpc $3. Some websites have cpc of $25 and exact match of 500 searches. I bought this domain too. I found domain names with 800 exact searches and $6 cpc. Also, i bought some domains, because some small niche site is ranking for 18k exact, 9k exact, 8k exact searches with cpc $2-3. This make sense. If these small site can rank with some of those links. Yes i need to analyse those link patterns and backlinks to backlink if any.

  • Open excel sheet or google adword tool.
  • Enter your exact keyword in adword tool. Now export it in excel format.
  • Now sum all the exact match and cpc.
  • Divide by your total sites.

My average of 35 site comes CPC=$4.76 and Searches per month for 35 sites is 3130

So, I consider my CTR is 5% and CPC is $4 for 100 visitors

5 clicks * 4 CPC * 100 = $20 per 100 visitors.

$20 * 10 * 3.13= $626 per site/month

$626 * 35 websites = $21,910 per month + $4375  long tail posts for 35 domains

= $26,305 These are just for 2 post site. Wondering how much 10 optimized pages of sites can be profitable.

This may be red light for me. If many of my websites will be successful. I should sell them for profit and keep big ones.

That’s huge amount of money. Only when your all the site is number 1 of Google. Also, when we will be targeting 10 extra post with very low searches. We can generate extra traffic and money.

Finally we can also monetize these sites with pay per lead. We can make some good money per month from those too. Look like i am now PRO in keyword analysis. i need to do some massive hard work. Because i think making $3000 per month should not be that hard.


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