$100k Blue Print Is this possible?

Well i hope, when i will be earning $100k from IM. I can afford Audi A8. Kidding that is big dream. But Audi A8 rocks and it has class.

Outsourced 66 Articles To My Content Writers. I am doing outsourcing from last one year. i have two writer but this time i am doing major outsourcing. I got professional content writers and i am getting content very fast. I think i can do 1000 articles for 100 websites in less than 6 month. But i am worried about SEO. That is biggest pain because i do day job.

$100k Blueprint Is this possible

Every website should have 2500 exact match domain with cpc $1-5.

100 websites professional content with 10 pages-50 pages.

Every website should have 5 article directory links like ezine, articlbase, goarticles etc

Every website should have 50 profile links.

Every website should have 100 social bookmarking links from top SBM.

Every website inner page should have 10 SBM, some article links pointing etc.

Every website should have 50 directory submission done in 3 months.

Also, heavy research is needed. Without good research you are going to fail.


Calculate the amount of article needed for money websites

1000 articles * $4 per article = $4000

Domain cost: 100*$10=$1000

Tools needed Like BMD, UAV, SEnukeX, market samurai: $1000

SEO Cost involve:

Article promotion cost 5*100 websites = 500*$3.5=  $1750

Buy tools like forum link builder: $20 per month= $240 per year

Outsource directory submissions: 50*100=5000=$400 one time only

Social bookmarking main domain : 100*50=5000 to main domain = $400

Social bookmarking inner pages of domain: 100*50(5-7 SBM per article)=5000 inner pages = $400

Social bookmaking to Article promotion 500*10=5000 = $400

Total cost involve

$9550 or INR 4,32,018

This is the full proof $100k blue print. You can make $100k in one year. if you can do this much of work. But i will tell you frankly. Website need more content. 10 pages is not enough as Google is filtering website based on number of pages. So, 30 page min. Than your cost will be increased by min $8000. I think if you can do things safely. You can make $50k per year from adsense easily.

After writing this, I am bit positive. I will be progressing fast on this later half of year.


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