Monthly income report April

I decided not to post any more monthly income report. I will just add random number. Suppose if i earned $63 in any particular month. I will post as $65 and $70 approx. I will not split any of my income on the basis of adsense, amazon, ebay, clickbank and infolinks.

This is just of some security purpose.

Aprils total was $50 approx. As i was not doing any work from feb online. it is fine.

Progress and what i am doing?

I bought tata photon wireless data card. Speed is cool. 250 kbps downloading. So, i am saving lot of time. In other words i can do more work.

  • Found 50 com/net/org high cpc exact match domain names.
  • Found 150+ info/net/me/biz domains can be launched for different niches.
  • I got very good content writers.
  • My friend is started SEO website. We are going to develop professional SEO services in few months.
Looks like i am progressing but with very low speed. Lot of things are going on.  We have to lot of work to do.
  • Quality content creation
  • Good seo and backlinks.
  • Heavy research.
  • Developing different networks of blog.
  • Different hostings etc
  • Needs lot of SEO clients from US & European counties.

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