March Earning Report

March was really nice month. I did no work, no promotion and no planning. I am in the new city, new team and i am sleeping very good. I am also taking some actions to run my seo business.

March stats

  1. Adsense: $58.75
  2. Amazon: $9.55
  3. Infolinks: $1.26
  4. Total: $69.56



4 thoughts on “March Earning Report

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey in generating an online income, there is so much to learn that it is sometimes utterly overwhelming. Your posts help put things into perspective, even newbies can get a fair understanding. I have already subscribed to your RSS. Thanks for all the info and looking forward to more briefs.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Nice to see the personal reply, it would be great if we could keep in touch via skype or email so that we can share our experience in SEO,IM, PPC, Adsense etc. I have recently started a web design blog and getting pretty good visitors and I am in the process of developing it further, it surely feels when your hardwork is acknowledged.

    Would be nice to form a mastergroup in India so that we can cheer, encourage and learn from each other. My skype id:

    Hope to hear from you on my email. Please do delete this comment, as I did not know how to contact you.



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