The End Of Web 2.0 challenge

After cranking many hubs, I don’t see very good results. My total hubs increased by 50 but my visitors is increased by 10 per day. So, If you really wanted to be successful on hubpages. You have to know what works and what not.

I learned many tricks about hubpages, I really know what works and what know at this point. I have an idea of what kind of hubs can get rank over existing hubs. I have an idea what kind of hubs can will be successful. Still i am able to earn $2-3 per day from these properties. But now i am really looking for my niche sites. After this google algorithm change, i am doing research on niche sites. I am huge plans and i am trying my best. I want profits in least effort. I am first going to launch site which is easy to rank. I am going to buy tons of domain names.

I will keep doing some hubs, for testing and if i find good niche. I have total 184 hubs. In which i have 30 wallpapers. So, effectively 150 approx.


6 thoughts on “The End Of Web 2.0 challenge

  1. I wouldn’t buy tons of domain names just yet – maybe 1-3 at most.

    Spread yourself thin and you’ll get nowhere quickly – I bought nearly 100 in my first year in IM, last year…

    I’ve developed 13 and only 3 really worth writing home about. I get 90% or more of my income from one site. Did I need 100?

    You don’t, either – you just need to rank every single review, and you can have a general blog / site on every subject you want to write about.

    Case in point: look up Pioneer Woman, I think it’s or something – one site, made her a 6 figure income and two book deals.

    But honestly, you can take one site and rank all the reviews and kill it. I made a mint off of 5 web pages in February (for me anyway). One website.

    Just food for thought. It’s pointless to buy dozens of EMD domains thinking that’s the way to go – it’s a great way to spin your wheels.

    • Welcome. Hey i know it is possibly to make living one single domain. But we can easily make 30 pages quality site. This is not thin. I think are just lucky and did some good work one domain. But i saw most of the blogger working on the same domain and getting failed.

      Let say buy ‘used nursing books’ this is not competitive and profitable either. But if these kind of domain have high cpc and good traffic. They can easily make profits.

      I understand what you mean to say. First buying 100 domain is pointless, if you don’t know what you are doing. I will be doing fine in this field. I am just again going to buy some 20 domain, add good content and promote few months and than build more. Keep repeating this process.

      • That makes sense – to each his own, and best of luck to you.

        My first year online, I bought 85 more domains than I developed – really only 4 are needed (in my network, about 4 are really what bring in my money).

        I wish someone told me, “Don’t buy all those domains…just buy 1-2 and then develop them, rank them…then maybe a couple more…”

        I’ve made more money with focusing on just 1 site at a time, one page at a time (then ranking it), than I did when I was buying domains and hiring writers to fill them with content.

        I only did that for a month – anyway, those were my mistakes. Not necessarily yours.

  2. Yes, you are correct. If you can build one big site that can bring good money. Than it is fine. But what if that site get penalized or deindexed. I am going to follow both methods. Build more and add more content and do good promotion.
    example thin site.
    But if this site have garbage truck in domain name. And if it will target all brands and age of garbage trucks. It will be big site and authority after 6 months.

    Hiring writers can be mistake if it don’t works. My writers don’t have very good knowledge of optimized articles. But i need to do good promotion of my sites for 2 months and when all of them have 10 articles per site. Than only i can find hiring writer is worth of it or not. But ya, i think it is worth of it. My old blog made me $30 in three month. So, output will be more than input if you keep working on domain. At some time it will make $300 in three months.

    • Thanks, I update my blog some times. You can visit once in week. Because i do jobs + shifted to pune. I hope i will do lot of work which will actually perform good results.


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