What to do and what not to do

Now i shifted from chennai to pune. New home and office. Slower wireless internet and every thing is new.


  • Signed up for 250 bookmarking websites.
  • Listed domain names for many niche sites.
  • Adding more content to my sites and keep bookmarking and linking from article marketing.



The End Of Web 2.0 challenge

After cranking many hubs, I don’t see very good results. My total hubs increased by 50 but my visitors is increased by 10 per day. So, If you really wanted to be successful on hubpages. You have to know what works and what not.

I learned many tricks about hubpages, I really know what works and what know at this point. I have an idea of what kind of hubs can get rank over existing hubs. I have an idea what kind of hubs can will be successful. Still i am able to earn $2-3 per day from these properties. But now i am really looking for my niche sites. After this google algorithm change, i am doing research on niche sites. I am huge plans and i am trying my best. I want profits in least effort. I am first going to launch site which is easy to rank. I am going to buy tons of domain names.

I will keep doing some hubs, for testing and if i find good niche. I have total 184 hubs. In which i have 30 wallpapers. So, effectively 150 approx.

Febuary Earning Report

Well this month was not great. But if you think from passive income. I earned some money, which is great.


  1. Adsense: $57.90
  2. Smowtion: $00.84
  3. Amazon: $14.50
  4. Infolinks: $00.13
  5. Clicksor: $00.20 (Not interested, Just added from last month approximation)

Total: $73.57

Not bad, But i need to increase my income source.

I am doing huge research for my niche site projects. I will be working very smart and give really nice information in my niche sites. I have list 400 niche, which i was collecting from last few months. And further i am doing research on domain names and my targets.

I also have 21 domain names, which i need to work bit hard. I need tools softwares, content, effort, time and support.

Google Alogorithm changes

Only 12% keywords change in Google.com. What if they change all algorithm. What if? So, we have only have one option.

  1. Make niche site empire.
  2. Make reserve blog empire.
  3. Make sub blog empire.
  4. Team up with trusthworthy Internet marketers.
  5. Achieve financial freedom.