Google Algorithm Change And My Site De-indexed

I don’t think yesterday’s alogorithm change has affected my blogspot. From last 6 days, i am not receiving any visitors from Google. Just from yahoo/bing.

Well looks like worst day of my life. Ok, this blog don’t make me any significant money. But i did hard work. It failed even before it made me any profits.

After this de-indexing of valid 800 pages blog. I am going to take biggest action of my life. Work on my own web empire. Not 1 or 2 or 20-50. They will be in hundreds. I wanted to 100s of domains.

I will crack all algorithm changes and every thing. Just wait and watch.


3 thoughts on “Google Algorithm Change And My Site De-indexed

  1. Perhaps if you were running a legit site you wouldn’t be in this situation. Google doesn’t de-index sites that aren’t bullshit used to game their system. Now would be a good time to consider a real job instead of an “empire” of useless “niche” sites that just muddy up SERPs with ridiculous semi-content intended to get adsense clicks.

    • Actually blogger blogs have this problem. Blogspot bot will detect and some times they report spam quality blogs too. Like grizz blogs too. But i am not going with blogspot anymore. Sure I am adding lot of content to some of my sites. I hope they will rise in serp after some times.


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