Money Money and Money

Truth is except saints every body live for money. We work for money, live from money, love for/from money, We seek happiness from money. Every thing rotate around money. If you have lot of money, you will tagged as successful. So, the make money online is also as tough as making money offline. Peoples says you can make money money from single page. People says you can make money from 100 pages, 100 websites, doing 100s of things online. Most important is to take actions. The more actions you take, more successful you will be. No one will come and teach you to be successful.

Massive failure

Possibly you will fail. Not more than that. If you surrender you will not make money online. Most blogger leave blogging after few month. They work 100s of hours online for six month. when they fail again and again. They leave blogging (make money online). Every thing takes time and hard work.

How not fail online

  1. Don’t waste time online: facebook, orkut, chat, tv
  2. Work for the profitable things.


  1. Preparing of list of hubs to be target in future.
  2. Analysing potential of how to articles.
  3. Preparing for backlinking efforts from networks.
  4. Going to update my 16 domain name and going to leave 20 blog commeting.
  5. Going to backlink to my most profitable hubs from article marketing
  6. Helping my friend to make some money online. He is new in this game.
  7. I am now going to share my work with other.

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