Making Adsense Revenue Sharing Network

Recently i found many peoples who is making money from hubpages and infobarrels per month. All this as passive income online. My plans is to make two networks of adsense revenue sharing sites.

  1. Network 1: Hubpages, Infobarrels, Xomba, Shetoldme, Snipsily
  2. Network 2: Adsense revenue sharing sites.
  3. Network 3: Few adsense sharing site. Which cannot be linked from others.

In this process, I will be creating 1k quality articles or more. Also, Proper strategy and high quality aritcles and research is required to earn some nice money.

Also, i am working for my few 20 niche sites and 5 authority site projects.


2 thoughts on “Making Adsense Revenue Sharing Network

  1. 1,000 articles is a lot of content to create. I hope you plan to write those and not just spin the heck out of them. A lot of those sites are starting to clamp down after the recent algorithm update.

    • Right now i am off the track. No happy with the performance on articles. So, holding content with myself. Or will be using to promote my websites. Also, i never use spun content.


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