January Monthly Income Report

This is my second online income report. Jan 2011.

Earnings from

Google adsense: $81.30 (Last month $60.41)

Amazon: $10.48



Clicksor: $0.25

Total: $94.20 (last month $72.61)

This month i am going to work on some adsense revenue sharing sites and will to replicate some big success. lets see how much i can increase my adsense earning at the end of feb.


10 thoughts on “January Monthly Income Report

  1. hi
    great site like word press site get on page 3 top 1 life rock
    pl tell me how Google approve sub domino site
    it s wait 6 month after your site create or other and you link here

    make more money from hub pages and Cong, please send mail wait for know about ad sense

    • Hi raju,
      My targets is to earn double money from all programs (execpt Adsense). So, if i am earning $100 from adsense. So, i am expecting and targeting to earn $200 combined from all other programs.
      You can get approval from Google Adsense easily. But earning from them is an art. It takes lot of time. One of friend also got approval from adsense. Just from blogspot blog few days. But i really don’t know about adsense application approval. For Indians they have set some rules. In which, one is your site must be six month old or adsense revenue sharing content must be six month old. Also, i suggest you to have tons of content before applying for Adsense. Whether you are applying from adsense revenue sharing site or personal blog.

    • Thanks rakesh for comment. Actually this is second online income report. And i am online from two years. Possibly i am two steps ahead of 60% bloggers online. But i will feel star in blogging world when i will be able to cross $1k monthly (Which is very easy if you do intelligent work and hard work) and help some newbie bloggers.


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