Traffic Analysis Of Successful Blogspot and Hubpages

On weekends my roommies are just changing channels. sleeping, feeling frustrated and doing all these things. Getting bored. Again sleep some time and again change channel than go out and come back in.

I hope after an year and soo. When i will complete some of my 2011 goals. I will be doing same thing and enjoy my life. Not in front of idiot box. Reading books, go to long drive, partying with friends, movies, shopping and every thing what peoples do to enjoy in life. Than life will be much more fun. When i will finish these goals.

I read the blog post of Rise of 275% adsense revenue on smart passive income. After reading that post, i am thinking to concentrate all my efforts on 20% to get 80% of results. So, i am cooking this post from long time in my mind. Now it is out.

Blogspot blogs Analysis

Blog 1: This is authority site project long term. I already invested good amount of time and money on this project. Result is not good. But in long term i am expecting more profitable. I hope this blog will rise in SERP and make min $100 per month. Highest cpc i got is $5.

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Traffic is good but not enough to earn decent coins. I think when i will touch 100k traffic than this blog will make me $50-$100. Also, other revenue stream like infolinks, smowtion, clicksor looks pretty good for this blog.

Blog 2: Niche blog

Sharp pinpointed blog. which is getting approx 5k visitors per month even i don’t do any work on it. not profitable. make very low money. few dollars

These are two only websites and blogs i have. Last month i added some of domains in network. As these are attracting any traffic. because they are just very new less content and no promotion done. I need to wait some more time.

My future Blogspot plans

I am going to concentrate on one more blogspot. I think this blog will easily gain tons of traffic and will be profitable. I am soon going to start on this. I just want to cross 100k from blog 1 and this future project. Yes this consume lot of time and effort. But it worth trying.

Hubpages Updates

Well this site is too crowded. one of my profile got flagged. 7 of my is down. They are not inferior in quality because they solely amazon type articles and i not added any amazon to increase my adsese revenue. Also, some hub had bad amazon links which is kind of mature content.

So, i am going to analysis some of hubs which is lately getting tons of traffic.

Hub 1: This hub crossed 250 visitors per day. PR 0.  First i had 20 amazon links. Later i removed them. People are not willing to buy any thing. So, let them got out clicking on adsense. Also, this hub have no backlinks. Now i am thinking to do some promotion as suggested by dave. 20 different links can do some wonders. If we have 50 of these type of hubs. We can easily make $100-$150 per day online. This is not just wild guess this is fact.

Hub 2: This is the hub which made me consistent adsense earning. You can see consistent increase in traffic over the year. Also, it is good money maker. Now it is PR2 before it was PR1. with zero backlinks. This hub made over $200 in last year. And this year it will make more. This hub is example of blog can dominate on search engines if you get constant comments. This hub has more than 70 comments. I guess this is the reason its traffic is increasing.

Hub 3: This hub is the example of search engine will find quality content over the time. I mean i wrote ultra high quality content with good research. Before i was thinking i wasted my two hours on this because it was not getting good traffic. After 6 month suddenly rise in traffic for this hub. I also got nice comments for this hub.

Hub 4: Tons of traffic is coming for this Hub. This hub is example of perfect selection low competition niche. Note: This hub gets tons of traffic from long tail keywords. This is not dominating for any keywords. PR2.

Hubpages strategy revised

  • Make more hub profile
  • Add 700 plus words content
  • Backlinks all hubs from now. Because i did very little promotion.
  • Develop 2 blogspot blog which will get 100k traffic.

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