My First Niche Site No 1 On Google

Well Well Today is the Good Good day. My one niche site ranked no 1 on Google. Number of searches per month 2900 exact. So, with only two post without any backlinks. It ranked. Basically i am did huge analysis for amazon websites. Now i can rank almost all the websites no 1 on Google. I got exactly what i need to do. Hubpages is overly crowded with these keywords. I found 10-20 hubs for the same. It better to make niche site every single site i love them. Because i did hard work.

In last post i was talking about do-we-really-need-backlinks-to-rank-high.

  • Intelligent keyword analysis.
  • Getting low competition keywords.
  • Make niche site first and later increase the authority if those sites. if they have 2.9 exact searches per month. Target 20 more keywords rank and do more and more. So, these site will be very profitable in future.
  • Do some backlinking, not very necessary for low competition but for tough keywords we really need links.

This is just a very small success. Possibly i will 5-10 sales for $500-1k from this site. Still this makes some sense to me.

My future plans

  • Make huge empire of niche and authority site and build team.
  • Diversify online income as much as possible.



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