Do We Really Need backlinks To Rank High

I still think backlinks is really needed but you can read my observation here.

I bought 21 domains and possibly i have 16 up right now, with 2-5 posts. And i did some ranking analysis yesterday.

Website 1: Ranking on 30 pages for main keyword, 2500 monthly searches.

Website 2: ranking on page 2 for main keyword, 3.5k monthly searches.

website 3: page 18, 1k per month another keyword has 74k.

website4L page5, 2.9k

So, these website have no backlinks. Also, i saw many website which have many backlinks are really low in SERP. So, i think intellegent keyword analysis will be the key for success in futures internet marketing. Also, on page optmization is another key to rank high as compared to authority sites.


5 thoughts on “Do We Really Need backlinks To Rank High

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  2. Hi Rahul,

    You have your own Analysis and great you had good ranking without back links! But back links definitely increase your PR for sure.Check it out!!

  3. Consider “Query Deserves Freshness,” newer sites do rank higher up front – right before Google decides where they really belong.

    On-page SEO counts, and low compete terms make the backbone of my business, but you do need backlins to get to the top 10.

    • Well you are correct. My site is jumping page1 and page 2. Also, it don’t have competition. And my on page optimization is pretty good.
      Also, i have 4-5 more domains which are ranking from page 3-30 for exact match. one page of content with few backlinks and occasionally making some good sale.


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