15 Jan – My Target for the day

Today i will be doing research of 200 hubpages articles for future post. Possibly these 200 hubs will come from 40-50 niche. Which i will be researching today.

  1. Completed research of 200 hubs.
  2. Join 20 article high quality for backlinks.
  3. Do additional research for some of my futures sites.
  4. List down my niche sites and make backlink strategy.
  5. Outsource some articles for baklinks.

This is huge task. I am writing down on this blog, because most of the time i fail acheive any thing. But today, i will do it.

Making Money online can be fun, if you see consistent growth. I earned max $15 in single day. I never believed that. Making money online can be soo simple. Once you rank for some thing. You will make money online just doing nothing. Let see, I have targets for today.


200 hub research not completed.

Completed 70 niche site research or possibly we can use other like adsense revenue sharing.



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