Hubpages Updates

So, I launched 5 niche websites with two pages each. And one of niche website got indexed by Google. This is not in first 80 pages for its main keyword. I hope, this will start ranking, when i will add more pages and make backlinks.

Now go for my hubpages updates. In january i should make 20 hubs – 50 hubs. But i added these 20 hubs in dec itself. Most of hubs was not getting enough traffic. So, i did some analysis. I went through my 10 hubs which i targeted. According to my understanding. These hubs are getting few visitors per day. These hubs have exact keyword. I all these hubs will rank in the top of search engine than i will be making additinal $100 per month from adsense/amazon.

Hubs Updates

Hub/page on Google/Number of searches for keyword

  1. Hub 1:  2/590
  2. Hub2: 4/2400
  3. Hub3: 3/1000
  4. Hub4: KW1 /7 page/1600 and KW2 /6 page/1000
  5. Hub5 :  KW1 /1/8100 and KW2 /1/2400 (Make niche website)
  6. Hub6: NA/ Bought domain name
  7. Hub7: 2pages/1000

So, i am doing some thing very right. Means i am selecting keywords correctly and and hubs are ranking high enough. With age my hubs will make more money and rank bit higher.

Beware doing this on hubpages.

I learned these things last month.

  1. If any hub is ranking for some keyword. Don’t try to write new one.
  2. If some related hub is ranking in top pages. You can still try to write exact keyword article. Possibly it will rank.
  3. If you are doing correct like what i was doing above do backlinks. Back links can do wonders.

What else

So, i have list of 200 niche sites to be targeted and lot of related hubs can be rank high. But doing hubpages looks very tough. I mean, really we need good research for hubpages. Because ranking high on search engine with out backlinking is tough.

Looking forward

Make 20-50 hubpages every month which will be my future niche site projects. Make 4 backlinks from powerful web2.0 sites and do 10+ bookmarking. I will be selecting hubs title very carefully.

My most profitable hub is ranking low

My hub which made me more than $200 from adsense in one year is now ranked on 4 before it was on 2 position. I feel this hub may get out of ranking after some Google algorithm changes. Also, this hub rank for another long tail keywords. Which i never targeted. So, my another niche site is coming soon. This site should make $2500-5000 per year from adsense.

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