2011 Goals Updated

I am updating my 2011 goals again. Reason Because i bought 21 domains yesterday. And i am trying to update name servers from the morning. Because this slow internet. I am feeling frustrated. All the websites are opening quite faster but the godaddy. It is taking so much time. Slow net low quailty.

Now we will try to answer few questions in this post.

  • Why you should not do low quality work.
  • How i will be making money online. I will split my highest imagination and realistic goals.

Goals 2011 tough

  • Make $3k per month from adsense, $3k from amazon, $1000 per month from all other programs method.
  • Make few hundred on niche sites. Find profitable niche according to cpc/affiliate programs and develop full proof strategy. It is highly depends on my intial four months of online ventures. If they will fail. Possibly i have to re-consider all my goals. Because if every thing goes correct. I will be most successful internet marketer in india.
  • Build team of writers and seo optimization.
  • Kick start my own company.
  • Try to live most beautiful life. Because life is soo short.

Goal 2011 easy

I think this is easy goals. I f i work really lazy way and work intelligent. It is possible.

  1. Make $1k from adsense, $1 k from amazon, $500 from other programs.
  2. Other goals will be similar.

Looking forward

  • Later Develop ultra high quality websites/blogs Which will dominate search engines. Just not because of lot of content but the highest quality of content.
  • Develop and work for our own clients.
  • Make seo and internet marketing in india as career.

Now we will come to the point. Why we should not do low quality work. Poor user experience. If i do good quality work. No one will question me and my sites will make money years after year. That is how things work. So, i will be producing high quality niche sites which will be full of information. I will do good work and produce high quality research on any niche. I know it takes more time to do high quality work. Let see.


3 thoughts on “2011 Goals Updated

  1. Rahul – These are some very ambitious targets. I wish you good luck. You have already purchased 21 domains! Wow – I know you mean business. I look forward to reading about your progress.
    Have a fantastic 2011.


    • Thanks for comment. I will be buying domains in bulk every time. So, i will be forced to develop them. I am not expecting any magic for next few months. But surely slowly every domain will be start ranking and making me profits.


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