2011 Goals

This is first month. January 2011. Most people make goals every year and after 10-15 days of initial failures, They lose hopes. Here is the split up of my yearly goals which i am going to try online.

  1. Earn $500, $1000, $2k, $3k online from adsense/amazon.
  2. Earn few hundred dollars per month from other programs. text links/CPM programs.
  3. Develop affiliate websites like Clickbank/ebay/CJ etc.
  4. Build Team to provide SEO services and to develop our own content.
  5. Do keyword research for clients.
  6. After all this make ultra high quality blog networks and support blog network. Which will majorly monetized by adsense and support blog network will have other other programs.

Income targets

  • Earn $3000 per month.
  • Make larger number of blogs for amazon/ebay/clickbank. 50 blogs-earn $50 per day.
  • 4-5 powerful blogs for text links and cpm. So, I will get few hundreds of dollars per month.
  • Support blog network. Which will be monetized by adbrite/texlinks/cpm programs.

4 thoughts on “2011 Goals

  1. rahul sir,i too experience though time because of my fault, that i concentrated on many niche and failed.now i am concentrating only in one website and now iam getting decent traffic.Just i wrote this log comment to tell you that plz concentrate in one website and after getting successed your all websites become successful because you visitors trust you.so don;t concentrate on 50 blogs making 50 $per day.

    • It depends on niche you select and hard work which is promotion. Even successful website need good promotion. I hope, i will get good result from my online ventures.


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