January targets

Now onwards this blog will only be updated first week of month and some other posts if i feel like. I am making new category “monthly income report” and “website updates”.

My january targets

  • Launch 30 websites max or launch 10 website min.
  • launch 50 hubs max or launch 20 min.
  • Make my own backlink blog for supporting TLD and blogspot.
  • Double my online income max or increase 50% min.
  • Make one click bank website.
  • Give initial promotion make 30 links to all blogs/websites

I considered max and min which i can do. I am pretty sure, i can make 10 websites, 20 hubs, 2 backlink blog, 1 click bank blog including 30 links to all site. I guess i will easily increase my income by 50%. After 6 month i will surely achieve my financial freedom.