How To Acheive Success In Life / What i want in my life

This post is exactly what i wanted in my life. One more year passed. I am 99% behind of my targets. So, i should be frustrated but i am not. I am more balanced these days. Because my 1% of work is providing me most of benefits. I am sure i will be very successful in future.

My targets

1) I want peace of mind.

2) I want Success which is related to money. Probably $1000 per month will be ok. as if now. But it

should be $10k to $50k per month. Yes in dollars. Reality is i dont’ care about money. It is what i want. It shows you are successful.

3) A : Because i lost one already.

4) Start my own SEO Company, keyword analysis and optimizing any website etc. If you want to run a successful company or you want more work from clients. You need to make them smile and satisfy them. I got female who do nice work for me. So, getting nice people who do good work is difficult. but when i will doing every thing on massive scale. I am just imagining myself.

5) Become one of top Internet marketer in india. Sold $300 Edit 29-nov $450) product on I will target amazon from next year. I am very pleased with this. because i think i can do it.

6) Make Google hire me or pay me to shut my mouth. Because i am best in search engine analysis: Long term goal. I guess 5 years will be Ok.

7) Live best life in the worst city of India: working 2 hours sitting on the beach. Tension free

Other targets:

  1. Be Happy.
  2. Give and get smile others. Making smile others is one of most lovely experience i have. Specially when you get smile from some one. Or some time when you get smile from strangers. I made many many peoples smile most of them was girls. But it happens when you are happy or comfortable. Most of the time i am pressurized and thinking about my targets and family or negative things.
  3. Don’t get tensed.
  4. Make better health, better communication skills and behaving pattern: I know, i have all these good skills but i am ignoring them, do exactly opposite of what exactly you are… because of my targets. But the real thing is when you try to run from some thing. It will come again and again. So, phase it boldly.
  5. Some time i thought my life is worst. But reality is i gained every thing.
  6. Make better present. After 5 years what you did today, will be you past. Means what you will do today, tommorow will be past. When you look back you should not have any regrets like what if , what wrong you did. So, try to do it better.
  7. Become responsible:

Things I Hate

  1. I don’t like sitting idle or wasting my time. I don’t mean if other is doing same thing is doing wrong. But it is my choice. Which i made. I think sitting idle is waste of time. I makes me more tensed. and more. Because my mind will go negative. Because i was one of most positive guy before.
  2. I hate lies. I saw millions of faces and there expressions. How people will react and when. So, it is impossible for anyone faking infront of me. Just looking into eyes and movement i will get the intentions. people thinks they know more body language reading some books and but i can change the rules. When i am + ill opt – body language and vice versa.

How To Become Successful in Life

Meaning of success is different for different peoples. But how to become successful in life.

  1. Suppose you are first rank in you class. You need to study hard as hard as you can. Then expect some thing.
  2. Suppose you want job, you need to develop skills including communications, education etc
  3. Suppose you want a girl you love. You need to be different, happy, communication etc All white and dark i know.
  4. Suppose i or you want to achieve targets mentioned above. Like me. Work, work and work till you vomit. and learn learn and learn. Because in life 10% things will give you most of the benefits.

Easiest way to be successful

I wanted to all these things in reality. So, what i need to do.

  1. FOCUS on the thing which gives profit.
  2. Work in the direction which will give you profits. Reduce focus from non essential things. Like when you build body you need to be more focused to get better shape. Like in love. Like all clever tricks white and black in business every thing.
  3. Learn paretos rule. your 20% of efforts give you 80% of benefits. Its true. My 20% projects gives me 80% profit. What if i waste my 80% of energy in those things. So, any thing in getting job or getting girl or making money. Focus on things which will give you profit. Suppose you are wasting 80% of energy pleasing any girl. It won’t work you need to focus on what works exactly. So, you need to approach 100s of girls to become successful and learn too. So, if i wanted to become best of best internet marketer. Then i need to do million times googling, burn my eyes in research and analysing things and focus on profits. It it like saving your 80% of enery and focusing it on 20% of the things. Read my old post on paretos rule. Paretos rule 80 20.
  4. Don’t be afraid on any thing: I lost my blog last year. I worked two months on that. I wrote myself worked days and night. And my family thinks i was wasting my time. Later it got hacked. God i lost some thing. but that time i worked on other project also. They still working good for meee. SO, Brave and diversify your projects and be careless.
  5. Life is soo short to be wasted. Get what you want today. If you fail then learn lesson or be happy of getting some thing. True happiness comes when success comes with ups and down. When you get success after lot failure then you will know the true meaning and you will feel the importance.

This is 1046 words post. Still i m not finished. Just feeling tired. When you love some thing to do. You won’t feel any thing.


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