Nice Video – Zindagi ye From Rahat Fateh Ali Song

I am on leave this weekends. And tomorrow is one the biggest festival in india. So, Happy Dipawali to people who will read this post. My blog stats show that, I am getting 10 visitors per day. Very good for rarely updated blog and which don’t have any motive and target. This blog is just a part of me.

So, i was listening one song of rahat fateh ali khan and got this lovely video.If you don’t know the hindi plz see the video it is nice.It feels good when you make other smile.

One guy and girl loves each other,

one day girl lost her eyes, because she was taking some thing from roof,

i guess some cleaning agent in photographic center.

Then girl got her eye back.

and now

This guy tear his photo and left.

When the girl came back from hospital with working eyes, she saw her half photo.

She think guy left her because she was blind.

After long time she found this guy sitting on the garden, but he was blind.

He gave his eyes to her.

This is call real love.

Whatever very nice video from my point of view. So, don’t expect any thing from any one and do good deeds without showing them off.


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