Getting Drunk, Friends, Relationships talk, Watching Movie And Getting More Motivation

Yesterday i ran my laptop first time whole night and downloaded one complete game. Starcraft no install. But not working. From now onwards i will using laptop many hours per day.

From the morning i had small headache still. But i slept again after lisning songs. Later woke up at 12:30, started working and researching keywords. Did only 14 in three hours. Wasted time. On sunday i will be doing 140…for sure. This is my deadly target for tommorow.

So, today my friend has rum two quarters. I also joined with them and had 2 packs. I though, i do some thing different. I never has proper drinks. I had small amount of vodka before. And had beer. I remember Movie “Beerfeast”. How German drink so much of beer.

I always thought that people start too much of talking after getting drunk and they lose controls. In my case, i thought i won’t lose control and keep my all control for sure. I know myself has huge controls over and it impossible for anyone who do this.

So, one of my friend who was not satisfied with the present job and the this place chennai. He has always problem with chennai and tamilnadu. he wanted to run from this place. Ok, after some time other friend. Who is going from chennai. this months end. He opened his mouth like relationships. His second GF left him for the guy who has lot of money. And talking like what he did for her and her family situation when he was in relationship with her. I listened every thing. I know every one has needs. Think about normal point of view. Most males and females……Ok in broad “people runs for the things which they don’t have. They don’t find the importance of things they have.” Why some millionair daughter runs with some taxi driver. Because she has all those money in her life. She already had enough. Why some girl is running with some one has Mercedes and left his old BF (my friend) who has cycle. Because they has scarcity. This is called Law of Scarcity. Read my post 80-20 Rule. But most of time these people regret later. Because they will not get respect from the riches or they will use them accrodingly.

  1. If you want any girl, Think about her face when she smiled on you first time or many times. If you remember her face. If smile was genuine. Chances are high that girl may like you. Also give smile will not charge your pocket. It is good to smile on other till they are also happy. Some times i am not able to smile, if i am worried or angry or tensed.
  2. Never expect any thing from others. Think what you can give. Or if you can have some thing which they don’t have. Like if they are sad. Surely they need some one who can make them happy. If they needs friends you can go. If i want peace, i need some thing which can calm me down.
  3. My intial plan was to spend large sum of money. So, that i can be happy. But i don’t have enough. Read my post  Pulitzer price. Thats why i need large sums of money for that i need to IM and own my own team. creating changes in this world. At least0.01%.

I told him, she needed guy who can fullfil her needs at present. Because her father has parlysis from long time. And she needed to be happy at present. May be it is really easy to write for me. but i know it is not that easy for person who was in relationship.

Most girls priorities change with der age. May be they will argue or abuse me. I don’t care. Like they search for True love at age 16-18. After few years for nice guy, friend. Then if they don’t have, search for hubby and guy who has lots of money also.

Also, one big fact is this is half part of story. Large number of girls who can do every thing for you. If you truthfully bend on your legs too. But will you. I can do it easily but the thing is what they will do. Won’t person should be that polite like you are doing? But in this case risk is more. Some females will think you are fool. Some may thing you are Down to Earth.

After all this my headache is less as compared before. Looks like i am high all time. When i am having any headache. One of my friend is sleeping he was telling i am strong. Yes, i am strong very much. Because my body never fails but i will only because of my brains. Getting more motivations from failure is called Life. Now watching rajneeti. God i will be more powerful then before.

Title of this article is kept, so that people gets more attracted.

I will be throwing one more post tomorrow making dreams into reality. Word count 840 only.


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