How to Reduce stress, My Plans In July

Whole day i had headache. Because nothing worked 2 disprin etc. Later in eve.. i played tt, got some what relaxed. Trying hard to control things but when you try to control. It go out of control.So, leave thing just like that.

Actually major reason was. I took my friends word seriously that i don’t work and play tt 2 hours. May be they don’t know how much i work. Or they told just like that. Not my friends fault. I was running from myself. I don’t want to phase them. Because if i will listen again any thing. I will go out of mind. Still they may got hurt also, because i dont wanted to talk or smile. But what should i do. I have the pain not them. My head bang like bomb. I was breathing hot from last week. Ok, forget it. I dont have time to think any thing.

Simple solution is Always phase any thing bravely. If you will run it will hurt you more and they will come infront of you again and again. Theory of life is more afraid you are from some thing, more fear you have from some thing. they will come again and again. Don’t run.

Second solution: read long time ago in swami vivekanada book “Raj Yoga”. When some thing is bothering you. Creating lot of stress. Don’t try to suppress it. Let it come. Your thought will come more and hurt you more. At one point you won’t be able to sustain the pressure created inside you. This is the point where you will mentally imbalanced most. And later your thought and stress will reduce. And you will feel better and every thing will be normal and complete silence. The mental state i want. This things work for the people who has major set backs in love and relationships or any thing. people who dont sleep in night. People who has tensions.

I came 9.30 home and had some unwanted drinks. Decided what i will be doing this month Not exactly mentioned but some idea.

  1. Sleeping more to recharge my body. I need large energy.
  2. Play more and go out.
  3. Work more and achieve more silence.
  4. Give free things to others.
  5. Spending  money.
  6. Learn making websites and wordpress from my friend.
  7. Make team of peoples who trust me. I have 2+2 people in my team and 1+2 who can work for me. So, i can execute things easily now. But i am the one who can do all keywords and related research best.
  8. If some thing makes you angry answer it instantly.
  9. Love others.  It is like if you love things you will get love. If you will throw out hate you will get the same.
  10. Try to keep safe your eyes and fingers.
  11. Make major plans for future day by day. Should be tough as we work in company.

Finally my major headache is gone. Going for sleep and will be enjoying more work soon. God will bless me.

Word count 500.


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