PR 3, Snow Petrol And Making Dreams Into Reality

Good news, This blog got PR 3. Means Page rank. PR is given by Google to every page which is indexed, For those who dont know. First time my any page got PR3. I have many PR2 and PR1 pages not blogs.

Yesterday we went to team dinner. My head was paining like hell. But i went. Food was decent and place was too. Can say enjoyed a bit. Cannot expect any thing more in team dinner thou. So, in between i was feeling like every thing is blank. Later for 5 minutes, Not able to listen and understand what was happening. I was planning to take leave next day. Because i was damn sure 10X more head will pain. I had this experience few months ago. That’s why i never take things too seriously and execute any thing. Came back and started again my laptop and reading some thing. This is what IT peoples do.

Today i was very damn sure that i will not go.  Morning 6 i started laptop and started listening some songs. spider man hindi version. Later i started Snow Petrol “Chasing Cars”. I had song half video. But today i downloaded 5 different video of this song including lyrics. One is main and other is final fantasy. Both is amazing. Now i was searching on Google about this song. This is One of the most listen song of the decade. And this songs of the decade.

Google Search For snow petrol

Read few of pages. Those blog saying this is because of the “emotions” in the song. Don’t know, but i listened this song numerous times from last two and half years. This video has 30,000,000 plus view in you tube. So, This deserves.

So, after listening this many times, my brains got relaxed and i though i will go to office and let see my break even point if any. Later i did some exercise. Closing my right nostril and breathing it. My half headace gone. Still i need to control my anger. Because this creates lot of problem.

That it.

Few days i was talking about how to make dreams into reality. I got some thing. Soon will be posting here.


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