Daily Dairy, Price Of Kaspersky 2010, Nikon cool pics, Kodak 10MP 10X Zoom, Sezzhaier MX360

According to my scheduled plan. I wanted to have nice sleep and wants to do some work and enjoy. But i did nothing as i planned.

Yesterday i went to adyar in chennai. And bought Kaspersky 2010 internet security and installed. Amazing antivirus which is world famous. I bought it in INR 650 which have 3 keys. One i gave for my home pc (Dell inspiron) and another one i am using it. One extra key i have which i will be giving to any of my friend.

Later i went mayaajaal in ECR road with my friend. I though we will be able to get some show of 2 or 3. But mayajaal has only two hindi show running for “ravan” and more then 12 shows for “ravanan”. Hindi….Ravan = Tamil…ravanan. I thought instead waiting for next three and half hours. I tried to get two tickets for  but here also we got seat but only front row. So, i decided to leave that place and later we will see ravan. I wanted to see both the movies in hall. So, that i compare both of them. because many tamils claiming that tamil ravanan is better then hindi ravan. Which usually tamils do. They don’t aceept every thing easily.

Next i negotiated with one of my new friend. So, that we can work together. In evening it was raining and drizzling. I was getting wet on the terrace. It feels good when every single drop falls on the body. There is two part of life. Heaven and hell. Chennai show the hell of india..because it is abnormally hot and evening looks like heaven.

Today, Went again to adyar in chennai. My friend was trying for some walkin. So, also went there, Because he was forcing me to go with him. Every thing he paid for me. Because i told him that time is more important for me. But i had two good things today.

  • I met with one of my friend in some local bus. One bus was standing infront of me. Ran and got it. That guy i know from 5 years. Not very good friend but some faces we know. But Hyper-metros like chennai. Rarely you will find some you know.
  • I bought one ear phone. Sezzhaier mx 360 international German brand. I hope i wrote the spelling write. I preferred it on the phillips and panasonic. Which also in same range. because shop owner told me. If you will try this you will not leave this brand. Sound quality is amazing and which i bought in 750rs as compared to one more mx 360 which was 650rs. The sound quality is so amazing that i am feeling like i am in some different world, Every single beats is audible. Still some thing i was searching from long time. So, i got my peace back.
  • Went to Konica shop in adyar. Saw nikon coolpics, Kodak camera, Olympus camera etc. Nikon Cool pics 6000 series which was around 6750 according to them. This camera have 12 Mega pixel with 3.2x Zoom And Nikon cool pics 8000 series which was not available. So, told him to show me Kodak camera which was 9999 rs special price. It has only 10 MP camera and 10 X zoom. Wow from me. But my friend who wanted to buy nikon only. I told him the difference. When i focused Kodak upto 10X,  i was able to see the picture inside the photo on the wall very clearly. But in nikon i wasnt. I loved the Kodak camera. Will but for sure.. By the way we saw BMW and civic also. :)…
  • Also saw segate 320 gb hard disk which was costing around 3300 rs. And later came to home and opened my laptop with screw driver because it has some problem with diplay. So, i open and set again the wires properly. I was wondering the problem which Acer service centers was not able to solve. I am doing it every month. Opening lcd and putting one paper. So, that will not allow the wire to move. I am engg and owner of acer service centers was just worker. So, i got the solution. I got lcd changed and he was telling me to leave your laptop for 15 days. SO, that he will test with different lcd and different display cable. ” I am telling, This brand has some problem while we move our lcd front and back. Because wire inside the lcd moves when do some movement in lcd. So, 360 degree dell and hp laptop don’t have this problem. ” Else this laptop is amazing i used it like hell. It runs and runs and runs. I have to say. But stopping here only.

This is magical effect of beautiful ear phone. Thats why you should spend some money and different and quality things only. Because they last long.

800 words only.


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