How To Apply 80-20 Paretos Rule In Life Part-1

This article will be long. I think this will be easily cross 1000 words. lets see what i can write in this.

How 80-20 came to mind.

I was looking to my stats. I found my only 1% work gives 80% of profit. 1+19 so roughly = 20%. I have wrote lot before 80-20 in many forums etc. People appreciated many times.

I searched Google about 80-20 rule. So, i got many different things and search assistance.

  • 80-20 rule
  • 80-10
  • 30-50-20 rule
  • My rule 80-19-1 rule
  • 80-20 rule in relationship
  • 80-20 rule in dating

This post is two different edge of thinking. When you will read you will know. Surely you will appreciate.

  • Positives of 80-20 rules
  • Negatives of 80-20 rules in relationships or dating.


What is 80-20 paretos rule: “In my words, Your 20% effort gives 80% of output and 80% gives only 20. ”

So, what you will take meaning for this. “Concentrate on only 20% and take 80% of output right”

Top 20% people keep 82% world worth

Rest 80% keep rest 18%.

What is 80-20 rule for relationship: Most people have 80% and they are not aware of 20. When they get rest 20% they ditch and unfaithful. So, this is negative of paretos rule. Human mind is too complex. Plz refer these two posts.

Conclusion: If you know how to do 20% of things to done. You can rule the world. I want to rule every thing. I am talking about the life, your business, friends, everything.

So only 222 words.


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