My Success Mantra And random thoughts

My work place

From morning i was very angry. Because i all of the sudden got soo much work pressure. Till after noon i was not sure whether i will be able to execute it or not. Later in evening i got more assignment from leads. That i took break and played half an hour. Again i got some more work which i finished it aroung 8:10. Thanks to my high speed work, where all people was sitting i left the office. Probably i almost did much more work then other peoples. But in evening i was happy atleast i did some work.

My thoughts

I am more worried about my projects online. I think i need some one to be in my team. because this is time, not to execute any work by myself. But i will make the large list of work to be executed every week. And i will outsource them. I know i have to spend some bucks. I will be writing myself i will save lot of money too. I want to test this thing. because if i will fail and not make any profits. I will learn it.

I have one success mantra for any one.

  • When i was in class 10th i never had history of getting very good marks. But in 10th class i was studying. because i developed some good habits. I recover from any failure very soon.  Once i was solving one maths problem. I got right answers. But my mama comes from some where and just checked it. He told it was wrong way of solving the problem. Hence this is applicable in life also there is no sure success mantra. If you want some thing you can find you own way. Thats why i never go and do what MASS peoples do.

All my projects are getting delayed because of day job too. I have two options.

  1. I will be tortoize and work myself daily small amount. Least risk least profit.
  2. I will outsource once in week. take maximum risk save time energy probably.

I know i am like machine. If i wanted to work i will do it like machine. I can work as many as hours per day, if i am interested. So, i wrote 450 words here. And i dont feel any thing.

So, if you are the writer you can write 3-5 articles per day easily. only when you are willing to work.

Blog stats

Google page indexed: 28

backlinks: 20.

Sorry: For any of my readers, Because i am not putting my all efforts to write some things beautiful. This blog is random thoughts. I will write any thing about life. Way to reduce burden from my mind.


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