How To Make Dreams Into Reality

Life is good. I do job enjoy and play games and do whatever i want. Still some thing is missing from life. I was dreamer still i am. The difference between past and present is. Before i don’t speak any thing about my dreams because i though people will make fun of me. But now i don’t care of any body. I speak what i wanted to be and what all i am dreaming. So, i made a list here. Because i have many targets and dreams. So, need large amount of effort and planning. Now i see when i say what i wanted to be in my life, people listen with interest. May be few people laugh. because you will know why?

My list of dreams.

  1. I want mental peace: For that only i am doing all this stuff. All other dreams are will help me to achieve this dream only.
  2. I want to work two hours a day sitting on the beach.
  3. The internet marketer and powerful blogger. Like a shooter. I will use gun machine approach. Fire and forget like nag anti tank missiles.
  4. Earn $1,xx,xxx per year. May be in dreams. I know money is not every thing. You will never be happy the amount of money you have. I know many bloggers who left blogging after earning lot of money. After all there is life out of this computer also.
  5. Spend money for your mental satisfaction. Kevin carter post which is making me crazy. But no one can change this world alone. Because only 1% people has 80% of world property and other 10% are also rich.
  6. Love younger and smile to others. I get smile from others easily. even from strangers. Most of the time it happens when you are happy. “Difference between your smile and my smile. You smile when you are happy and i smile when you are happy”.
  7. Go for most beautiful places: We work in front of computer every day 10 hours. If you still spend 2-5 hours in front of computer. I am dreaming to go most beautiful places of this world !! world tour !!.

Only dream 2 and 4 is difficult and normal people will say it is impossible. But i think it is possible. People laugh when you say you wanted to earn that much. $3k per month. Few ask why don’t you ask some thing more. Whatever, my policy is to dream big and when you dream big you work accordingly. So, you will achieve accordingly.

When i said this thing that i wanted to earn 1lakh per month.

Girl 1: First she smiled and told me why don’t you ask more. I told

Girl 2: That life is only when you have lot of money and then you come comfortably to office and enjoy. She told if you are doing some thing let me come with you.

Girl 3: When i told that i wanted to sit in the beach and work two hours a day. She laughed and later told i am not making fun of you.

Girl 4: She is my sister, long time ago she told me not to do these things it is waste of time. But now she believes because i have proof. And i beleive myself.

Guy 1: When i told this thing to one of my friend. He told why you not did cse engg. I told Internet Marketing is not related to cse. It depends on the interest.

Guy 2: he told in dreams.. i told it is possible.

Guy 3: Let me in with you. If you have some thing secret give me job too. haha sure if will be that capable. Then for sure.

This is the title song of 50 first dates by Israel kamakaviva’lalo. Nice movie, not saw from long time. I like the song because it has beautiful pics of nature and lovely words.

He is not Like cold paly who got 21 millions views for his videos. Don’t Panic…. Because World is beautiful


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