Making Money Blogging: Binary Day Ebook.

Last week i downloaded ebook from binary day. He wrote every thing about blogging and other things. which includes

  1. How to start blog
  2. Domain name.
  3. Webhosting.
  4. Migrating blogs.
  5. Earning potentials like adverts.
  6. SEO.
  7. Suggesting and planned posts.

Also, he gave many examples of peoples from india and abroad who is earning decent amount of money. I dont blogging can make filthy rich. But i know it can generate $500 per month easily. if you are ready to work as part time. As he told people are earning $1,00,000 per year from blogging. Yes peoples are, but this need lot of work and expertize.

Also, i liked the VENN diagram, In which he explained about

  • Blogging of your choice.
  • Blogging where large no of readers.
  • Blogging where advertisers are willing to pay.

The combination of all three things is what successful bloggers do. You should blog in such manner that you have audience, you have interest and advertizers are willing to pay.

Niche like Make Money Online has large number of advertisers with audience and peoples who are searching for online and work from home opportunities.

This book will be motivational. Download it from here.


2 thoughts on “Making Money Blogging: Binary Day Ebook.

  1. Thanks for the positive review of my ebook. Hope it ends up motivating at least few people to start blogging. Btw don’t you think you should get a blog of your own?

  2. This is non profitable blog and personal blog. I own many blogs one .com and others blogspot. Surely will start many niche blogs and one powerful tech blog end of this year. Before that i will finish my keyword analysis of for many niche. You can send me a mail which i entered in comment of your blog.


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