June 1, Google Page Rank Updates

This june Google updated the page rank on the internet. This is the first time, no one knows on the internet about the PR updates. Google silently updated its pr this time. Those sites which has major changes in number of pages with backlinks got higher or lower PR. And people don’t believe and thinking it is a rumor.

Well i will be providing few blogs who got page rank updated this june. May be those few lucky ones. First of all, i have got one post from eblog tip. Where he was talking about page rank updates. Interesting to read them. Bloggers who always dying to get new page rank. this time expecting Page rank updates in july.

In my view, there is big changes going on in Google. After initiating caffeine search in Google.

  • My blog gets indexed with few seconds. And i can see the number of pages indexed change.
  • Large number of niche websites lost der ranking and long tail searches.
  • Large number of people lost der side income.
  • Now the time is for Authority sites. Make authority sites with lot of content.

Eblog tip post where people were discussing the page rank.



Few people who got the page rank in this june.

  • Scope of Money
  • Berita

5 thoughts on “June 1, Google Page Rank Updates

  1. Hi Rahul,

    I saw your comment saying that you are going to read the ebook about how to start a blog? Have you started reading the ebook. If you have not been able to download it for some reason, then please let me know.

    • Gerçekten dont kişi tanıyorum bu Haziran tarihinde bekliyor. Ben Temmuz olmak gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Google mayıs ayında bir page rank güncellemeleri yaptım. i 2-4 arasında düşünebilirsiniz. Çoğunluk blogger herhangi bir değişiklik yok yoktu. Ben sayfalarında büyük değişiklikler ve geri olan halkların page rank var düşünüyorum. Ben bir-in benim blogs, sayfa sıralaması var.

      Really dont know people is expecting on this june. I think it should be on july. Google did one page rank updates in May. i think between 2-4 may. Majority of blogger did not got any changes. I think peoples who has major changes in pages and backlinks got page rank. I got page rank in one of my blogs.


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