Daily Dairy, Price Of Kaspersky 2010, Nikon cool pics, Kodak 10MP 10X Zoom, Sezzhaier MX360

According to my scheduled plan. I wanted to have nice sleep and wants to do some work and enjoy. But i did nothing as i planned.

Yesterday i went to adyar in chennai. And bought Kaspersky 2010 internet security and installed. Amazing antivirus which is world famous. I bought it in INR 650 which have 3 keys. One i gave for my home pc (Dell inspiron) and another one i am using it. One extra key i have which i will be giving to any of my friend.

Later i went mayaajaal in ECR road with my friend. I though we will be able to get some show of 2 or 3. But mayajaal has only two hindi show running for “ravan” and more then 12 shows for “ravanan”. Hindi….Ravan = Tamil…ravanan. I thought instead waiting for next three and half hours. I tried to get two tickets for  but here also we got seat but only front row. So, i decided to leave that place and later we will see ravan. I wanted to see both the movies in hall. So, that i compare both of them. because many tamils claiming that tamil ravanan is better then hindi ravan. Which usually tamils do. They don’t aceept every thing easily.

Next i negotiated with one of my new friend. So, that we can work together. In evening it was raining and drizzling. I was getting wet on the terrace. It feels good when every single drop falls on the body. There is two part of life. Heaven and hell. Chennai show the hell of india..because it is abnormally hot and evening looks like heaven.

Today, Went again to adyar in chennai. My friend was trying for some walkin. So, also went there, Because he was forcing me to go with him. Every thing he paid for me. Because i told him that time is more important for me. But i had two good things today.

  • I met with one of my friend in some local bus. One bus was standing infront of me. Ran and got it. That guy i know from 5 years. Not very good friend but some faces we know. But Hyper-metros like chennai. Rarely you will find some you know.
  • I bought one ear phone. Sezzhaier mx 360 international German brand. I hope i wrote the spelling write. I preferred it on the phillips and panasonic. Which also in same range. because shop owner told me. If you will try this you will not leave this brand. Sound quality is amazing and which i bought in 750rs as compared to one more mx 360 which was 650rs. The sound quality is so amazing that i am feeling like i am in some different world, Every single beats is audible. Still some thing i was searching from long time. So, i got my peace back.
  • Went to Konica shop in adyar. Saw nikon coolpics, Kodak camera, Olympus camera etc. Nikon Cool pics 6000 series which was around 6750 according to them. This camera have 12 Mega pixel with 3.2x Zoom And Nikon cool pics 8000 series which was not available. So, told him to show me Kodak camera which was 9999 rs special price. It has only 10 MP camera and 10 X zoom. Wow from me. But my friend who wanted to buy nikon only. I told him the difference. When i focused Kodak upto 10X,  i was able to see the picture inside the photo on the wall very clearly. But in nikon i wasnt. I loved the Kodak camera. Will but for sure.. By the way we saw BMW and civic also. :)…
  • Also saw segate 320 gb hard disk which was costing around 3300 rs. And later came to home and opened my laptop with screw driver because it has some problem with diplay. So, i open and set again the wires properly. I was wondering the problem which Acer service centers was not able to solve. I am doing it every month. Opening lcd and putting one paper. So, that will not allow the wire to move. I am engg and owner of acer service centers was just worker. So, i got the solution. I got lcd changed and he was telling me to leave your laptop for 15 days. SO, that he will test with different lcd and different display cable. ” I am telling, This brand has some problem while we move our lcd front and back. Because wire inside the lcd moves when do some movement in lcd. So, 360 degree dell and hp laptop don’t have this problem. ” Else this laptop is amazing i used it like hell. It runs and runs and runs. I have to say. But stopping here only.

This is magical effect of beautiful ear phone. Thats why you should spend some money and different and quality things only. Because they last long.

800 words only.


How To Apply 80-20 Paretos Rule In Life Part-1

This article will be long. I think this will be easily cross 1000 words. lets see what i can write in this.

How 80-20 came to mind.

I was looking to my stats. I found my only 1% work gives 80% of profit. 1+19 so roughly = 20%. I have wrote lot before 80-20 in many forums etc. People appreciated many times.

I searched Google about 80-20 rule. So, i got many different things and search assistance.

  • 80-20 rule
  • 80-10
  • 30-50-20 rule
  • My rule 80-19-1 rule
  • 80-20 rule in relationship
  • 80-20 rule in dating

This post is two different edge of thinking. When you will read you will know. Surely you will appreciate.

  • Positives of 80-20 rules
  • Negatives of 80-20 rules in relationships or dating.


What is 80-20 paretos rule: “In my words, Your 20% effort gives 80% of output and 80% gives only 20. ”

So, what you will take meaning for this. “Concentrate on only 20% and take 80% of output right”

Top 20% people keep 82% world worth

Rest 80% keep rest 18%.

What is 80-20 rule for relationship: Most people have 80% and they are not aware of 20. When they get rest 20% they ditch and unfaithful. So, this is negative of paretos rule. Human mind is too complex. Plz refer these two posts.

Conclusion: If you know how to do 20% of things to done. You can rule the world. I want to rule every thing. I am talking about the life, your business, friends, everything.

So only 222 words.

My Success Mantra And random thoughts

My work place

From morning i was very angry. Because i all of the sudden got soo much work pressure. Till after noon i was not sure whether i will be able to execute it or not. Later in evening i got more assignment from leads. That i took break and played half an hour. Again i got some more work which i finished it aroung 8:10. Thanks to my high speed work, where all people was sitting i left the office. Probably i almost did much more work then other peoples. But in evening i was happy atleast i did some work.

My thoughts

I am more worried about my projects online. I think i need some one to be in my team. because this is time, not to execute any work by myself. But i will make the large list of work to be executed every week. And i will outsource them. I know i have to spend some bucks. I will be writing myself i will save lot of money too. I want to test this thing. because if i will fail and not make any profits. I will learn it.

I have one success mantra for any one.

  • When i was in class 10th i never had history of getting very good marks. But in 10th class i was studying. because i developed some good habits. I recover from any failure very soon.  Once i was solving one maths problem. I got right answers. But my mama comes from some where and just checked it. He told it was wrong way of solving the problem. Hence this is applicable in life also there is no sure success mantra. If you want some thing you can find you own way. Thats why i never go and do what MASS peoples do.

All my projects are getting delayed because of day job too. I have two options.

  1. I will be tortoize and work myself daily small amount. Least risk least profit.
  2. I will outsource once in week. take maximum risk save time energy probably.

I know i am like machine. If i wanted to work i will do it like machine. I can work as many as hours per day, if i am interested. So, i wrote 450 words here. And i dont feel any thing.

So, if you are the writer you can write 3-5 articles per day easily. only when you are willing to work.

Blog stats

Google page indexed: 28

backlinks: 20.

Sorry: For any of my readers, Because i am not putting my all efforts to write some things beautiful. This blog is random thoughts. I will write any thing about life. Way to reduce burden from my mind.

Waht’s up today..

I came back from office 8.30 also one of my friend too. he don’t know hindi. So, we talked in english. He told some thing about this co-operate life and me too. But i tried to realize him “work is work”. No one is giving money free to you.

Did lot of work today. No lunch, played some game for 15 minutes and now no power. But i will visit again all my favourite sites to know the present stats. Then i will sleep. It very difficult to execute any thing after working 9-9. Still i can spend some time online.

I find days are going very fast and we are dying every day. So, i always say no time. Do whatever you can do as soon as possible. or you will regret later.

How To Make Dreams Into Reality

Life is good. I do job enjoy and play games and do whatever i want. Still some thing is missing from life. I was dreamer still i am. The difference between past and present is. Before i don’t speak any thing about my dreams because i though people will make fun of me. But now i don’t care of any body. I speak what i wanted to be and what all i am dreaming. So, i made a list here. Because i have many targets and dreams. So, need large amount of effort and planning. Now i see when i say what i wanted to be in my life, people listen with interest. May be few people laugh. because you will know why?

My list of dreams.

  1. I want mental peace: For that only i am doing all this stuff. All other dreams are will help me to achieve this dream only.
  2. I want to work two hours a day sitting on the beach.
  3. The internet marketer and powerful blogger. Like a shooter. I will use gun machine approach. Fire and forget like nag anti tank missiles.
  4. Earn $1,xx,xxx per year. May be in dreams. I know money is not every thing. You will never be happy the amount of money you have. I know many bloggers who left blogging after earning lot of money. After all there is life out of this computer also.
  5. Spend money for your mental satisfaction. Kevin carter post which is making me crazy. But no one can change this world alone. Because only 1% people has 80% of world property and other 10% are also rich.
  6. Love younger and smile to others. I get smile from others easily. even from strangers. Most of the time it happens when you are happy. “Difference between your smile and my smile. You smile when you are happy and i smile when you are happy”.
  7. Go for most beautiful places: We work in front of computer every day 10 hours. If you still spend 2-5 hours in front of computer. I am dreaming to go most beautiful places of this world !! world tour !!.

Only dream 2 and 4 is difficult and normal people will say it is impossible. But i think it is possible. People laugh when you say you wanted to earn that much. $3k per month. Few ask why don’t you ask some thing more. Whatever, my policy is to dream big and when you dream big you work accordingly. So, you will achieve accordingly.

When i said this thing that i wanted to earn 1lakh per month.

Girl 1: First she smiled and told me why don’t you ask more. I told

Girl 2: That life is only when you have lot of money and then you come comfortably to office and enjoy. She told if you are doing some thing let me come with you.

Girl 3: When i told that i wanted to sit in the beach and work two hours a day. She laughed and later told i am not making fun of you.

Girl 4: She is my sister, long time ago she told me not to do these things it is waste of time. But now she believes because i have proof. And i beleive myself.

Guy 1: When i told this thing to one of my friend. He told why you not did cse engg. I told Internet Marketing is not related to cse. It depends on the interest.

Guy 2: he told in dreams.. i told it is possible.

Guy 3: Let me in with you. If you have some thing secret give me job too. haha sure if will be that capable. Then for sure.

This is the title song of 50 first dates by Israel kamakaviva’lalo. Nice movie, not saw from long time. I like the song because it has beautiful pics of nature and lovely words.

He is not Like cold paly who got 21 millions views for his videos. Don’t Panic…. Because World is beautiful

Kevin Carter Pulitzer Price 1994 Photograph

I got mail few weeks ago. Sent by one of my friend. And later i did some research. I was curious and some thing made me to Googling a bit. Lot of videos available on youtube. And i am forced to put this post online. This is what blogging about.

Click this pic to read it more.

Later he committed suicide after 3 months of depressions.

This was found in his diary,

Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter how bad it can taste and how full I may be. I pray that He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away from his misery. I pray that we will be more sensitive towards the world around us and not be blinded by our own selfish nature and interests. I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted.

Please don’t break.. keep on forwarding to our friends on this good day.. Let’s make a prayer for the suffering in anywhere any place around the globe and send this friendly reminder to others; think & look at this…when you complain about your food and the food we waste daily………

When i saw this pic, I feeling so bad about myself first then other peoples who is complaining about there life. That’s why i never satisfy the work i do at my work place. And i think, i am doing no work at all. Consistently, i wanted to work from 5 hours except my day job. I know how it feels when you don’t eat food from morning to evening. I work because i want mental peace and satisfaction. Wasting food, wasting time and wasting money in useless thing is useless.

Making Money Blogging: Binary Day Ebook.

Last week i downloaded ebook from binary day. He wrote every thing about blogging and other things. which includes

  1. How to start blog
  2. Domain name.
  3. Webhosting.
  4. Migrating blogs.
  5. Earning potentials like adverts.
  6. SEO.
  7. Suggesting and planned posts.

Also, he gave many examples of peoples from india and abroad who is earning decent amount of money. I dont blogging can make filthy rich. But i know it can generate $500 per month easily. if you are ready to work as part time. As he told people are earning $1,00,000 per year from blogging. Yes peoples are, but this need lot of work and expertize.

Also, i liked the VENN diagram, In which he explained about

  • Blogging of your choice.
  • Blogging where large no of readers.
  • Blogging where advertisers are willing to pay.

The combination of all three things is what successful bloggers do. You should blog in such manner that you have audience, you have interest and advertizers are willing to pay.

Niche like Make Money Online has large number of advertisers with audience and peoples who are searching for online and work from home opportunities.

This book will be motivational. Download it from here.