Updates 2012 – Moving towards bigger sites

Panda, penguin, cat, dog etc. I guess most of the small publisher will leave internet soon. I have only 30-40 sites now. Which makes some money. From next year ill be having few big sites. Probably few dozens of big sites.


Serious efforts towards diversifying our income. Cross 1k from adsense and equally from other revenue models as well.

Online Income analysis year – year

This is 2011. My prediction of 2012. After that i will never look back.

My target of 2012 is to achieve $50,000. If you look deep into the graph. I should be making around $7-8k in 2012. But i will give my max in 2012 and i hope some of my sites will be significant money maker as age of those sites and content will be more. My capability will increase with experience.


Dos and Don’t when you buy Exact Match Domain

In last post i mentioned about my earning report. Yes i am making small amount of money. This is because i have tons of niche websites and i am not concentrated and i do job too. So, whatever.

I was making some sales on amazon regularly. This is because some my hubs started to rank. Even the conversion is pretty good. These hubs i targeted on bens advice. Select low competition keywords. Let say exact search per month should 500. So, these keywords can be targeted for amazon easily.

Bad Domain Name Example:

I was trying to find nice domain names for my future sites. This time i am not too much bothered about the EMD. Even i am satisfy with related domain name too.

steamcleaningmachine.net Keyword: Steam Cleaning Machine

Exact per month searches: 320 globally and 140 from US.

This is ridiculous example of EMD domain name. I don’t think this website will be too profitable ever. If this guy is little hard working. He may target steam cleaning as main keyword. But niche site is always target EMD. So, either this guy should be lucky yo make more money or this website can make little over $100 in one year.

So, 1% of extra intelligence and hard work can do wonders.

November Income Report and My plans

Well niche website is one of the most powerful way to earn money. They make far more money then any blog around on the web. I saw many of blogger getting 20k page views they make less then $100 from those sites. So, in adsense if we have good analysis capability and understanding. We will surely make decent income.

MY Novemeber Income:
Adsense: $250 +
Amazon: $20 + (I am getting first amazon check. So, i am happy. Nexy year i will be targeting tons of niche websites and stores)
PTC website:

Total Income: $270 or ( $375 + )

My Plans

I am concentrating on 5 websites this month and link building as much as possible. I hope i will rise my income to decent level of $500 + and later $1000+. I am actually having very firm base. Because i am having portfolio of website needing content and regular backlinks and once this all is done properly. No body can stop me from making decent income from home.

What to do? Some of my sites got axed.

Well some of my sites lost some serp positions. Well these 3-4 sites was important for me because they were making me significant amount of money. I was planning to expand them but i lost serp position. Usually this is common pattern of search engines. Most of the time websites see ups and down.

So, i started doing some serp analysis for my info domains. because some of them are near to page one. some of them are in page 15-20 without any post on Google. So, i think info are just fine. They can rank and make money.

Also, i bought massive pack of plr packs. So, they can be used in backlinks. Looks like i need to do some hard work. I did no work from one year. I not even wrote one article and still wanted to make money.

What i am doing to increase my online income

Exactly i am not doing much to increase my online income. But from last few months. I did following things.

  • Bought BMD, Sick submitter, AMR, RSS bot and market samurai etc
  • Tested Senuke X, Ignitor seo, Rank tracker and Cute rank software. Also i wanted to test larger number of other softwares but i have limited resources as if now.
  • I need to test UAV few other services.
  • Found few other keywords with lesser competition.
  • Added 9 more tough keywords blogspots in inventory.

Area where i am lacking:

  • Article marketing, adding more content to my sites.
  • Making more websites.

Future of My websites:

In future i like to target tougher keywords to earn money. because money is in more competition niches.

Authority sites vs Niche websites

I am far far behind from my 3k adsense online income goal from jan 2012. My websites are progressing in SERP. But i wanted to expand them. I am going to launch another 30 websites this month. Later i need to add tons well researched content which can rank on SERP easily.

It is really easy to make money online from 1-10 websites after 4-5 months of hard or smart work. Keywords should be 5k exact and cpc should be $2 min.

My Future

I will be concentrating on big websites called as Authority websites. Keywords should be 10k-50k exact globally. When we have 5-10 big websites which are easily getting big traffic. We can earn money passively.

My blogspot is crossed 600 visitors per day in last few days. I hope this will get 1k-5k traffic per day in coming months. Total exact searches per month should be 150k from india.

30 Out Of 39 Website is ranking on top 3 pages.

I have almost all the domain name is ranking in page 1,2, 3. some in page 4-5 too.

My Niche sites with exact match domains is ranking fine.

My authority site project which should have 40-50 post is started to rank in serp. No google analytic is installed. because it just wanted to wait and add 5 more post this month. Plus some of my blogspot, 4-5 info domains, Which i bought last year is also ranking for those keywords in front page.

As far results is concerned. I am not earning any big money. Website should rank on the top of results for particular keywords or those site should have lot of long tail keywords. means not crap niche website. High quality 1k word post will cover many long tails. which actually make money. I think all these website should have 10 post each and than after two months these websites will pull some dollars every day, only if niche is less competitive. If it is competitive than make tons of backlinks to see results in long term.

Overall making money online looks really tough. If you want to see quick result. you should invest tons of money in right direction and tools or wait years. Because i have limited resources.

I desperately wanted to buy another 30 domains which i researched last week. Those domains are real gems. I am very sure these websites will be ranking within 15 days in top 20 results and make money for sure.

I am ready for free advice. If you are willing to expand in niche websites. Or you can hire me.